What do you want to change or achieve? 

What is Strategic Life Coaching?

I am trained in Strategic Intervention (SI) Coaching.  Strategic intervention (SI) coaching style is a way to identify and understand the emotional patterns and relationships dynamics that cause anxiety, insecurity, conflict, and lack of direction.  Through this coaching, you will earn strategies for undoing these patterns and dynamics, so you can experience and enjoy the quality of life, love, and relationship that you deserve.


Sometimes you’re not sure what you need to feel;  or you have a serious dilemma. SI Coaching helps you get unstuck, so you can think creatively and energetically again.


In just a few sessions, you will begin to see big changes and find the breakthroughs needed in your life. Strategic Intervention Coaching is based on the belief in every individual to live the life they want. By understanding your strengths, needs, and possibilities, you create an authentic purpose and happiness.

How Does It Work?

As your SI Coach, I will help you break through and achieve what is possible. Throughout your sessions you will become empowered to take action, that will transform the relationship with yourself and others.


I prize my client’s strengths, emotions, relationships, and experiences, uncovering their real needs, and creating the life they deserve.


During your SI sessions, you can count on doing, not only talking. By creating experience and emotions in yourself, you have breakthroughs, which begin in the session but extend into our life and relationships.

Coaching an individual means coaching all of their relationships, dreams, memories, and emotions. It is an honor to work at this profound level with all of my clients.

What to Expect Working With Me

  • Removing that feeling of being stuck and not knowing which way to turn

  • Gaining clarity about what you want to accomplish with your life

  • Feeling more motivated and understanding what fuels that motivation

  • Knowing how and why you test or argue with people you love

  • Realizing what you need to do to feel happy, loved, and excited

  • Reducing  stress and overwhelm

  • Gaining more confidence in your ability to take your life and relationship to the next level

  • Developing a new set of life skills that you can continue to use for the rest of your life

  • Creatively overcoming your recurring thoughts, memories, and worries through fun exercises

  • Deepening and expanding your key relationships

  • Find out how to feel the way you want to feel

  • Stop procrastinating about what you need and want to do

  • Getting over your fear of success and enjoy youring success