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After regaining my health, it became my mission to inspire others to create lasting change, have hope, and feel the energy and passion of life.


I connect to people with deep, heartfelt understanding, which results in a real comprehension of what is needed to take clients’ lives and health to the next level.


As a coach, my belief in my clients inspires them to see the obstacles and challenges that are holding them back, overcome them, and achieve the outcomes they desire to create lasting change and growth.


How serious do I take my mission to be a highly effective coach? I have studied over 100 dietary theories, lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods from some of the world’s experts, which include Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dave Asprey, Craig Grochelle, Tony Robbins, and Brendon Burchard. 


My Coaching Philosophy:  I believe you always have a choice and the ability change and create the health, life, and experiences you desire. Our bodies will heal when given the right conditions to do so. One small healthy step at a time can lead to significant, lasting results. You have a purpose and that is to discover your talents and then share them with those you care about.



Growing up, Gregg's dream was to run his own business. In his younger years, he found innovative ways to work and help others around the neighborhood.


In high school, his first job was bagging groceries at a local grocery store. By age 19, he had worked his way up to grocery manager and was eventually third in charge of the store while attending college.


During this time, he also started his first business with his future wife, Jennifer, as a way to earn extra money during college. What began as a lawn and landscaping business, eventually branched out to include computer assembly and repair as well as pet sitting services and in 2000 became Total Service Solutions, LLC. Because of his motivation to diversify, he pursued A+ computer certification and taught himself how to build and repair computers as well as how to design and publish web pages. His dream of being an entrepreneur was being fulfilled.


However, in 2012, a nerve disorder took away his high energy drive. Over the next three years, he went from a state of amazing health and energy to fighting as hard as he could to be able to have even enough energy to work. The doctors didn't have answers, and he almost gave up all hope. He chose, however, to fight and learn all he could to change his health. Eventually, he was able to gain the knowledge and strategies to recover his health while still doing everything he could to run his business and support himself and his wife.


The health issues changed his life and gave him a new perspective on what is most important in life. God laid on his heart to get the training and skills needed to help others in similar situations to find health solutions. Out of his health challenges and nutrition training, a coaching business was born. His goal? To help others regain hope and to create change in their health and lives so they can live life to its fullest. His specialty? Helping people thrive by creating strategic change in the areas of health, life, and business.


If you would like to read Gregg's full health journey click here.


  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach - Robbins Madanes Training

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach (Level 1) - Precision Nutrition

  • “Experts Academy” Graduate (Brendon Burchard)

  • High Performance Academy” Graduate (Brendon Burchard)

  • 25 years of business experience as owner of Total Service Solutions

  • Studied Business Management at Western Michigan University

  • Studied Business Administration at Kellogg Community College